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USDA Home Loan Features

No Money Down

USDA loans allow for 100% financing of an eligible home’s purchase price. FHA loans require a minimum 3.5% down payment, adding thousands to upfront expenses.

Great Interest Rates

The USDA backs the home loans, making it safer and cheaper for private banks and mortgage companies to lend. The savings are passed on to the home buyer in the form of lower interest rate home loans.

Seller Paid Closing Costs

USDA loans allow the seller to pay for the buyer’s closing costs, up to 3% of the sales price. Thus in some cases allowing the home buyer to buy a home with no out of pocket expense.

Roll In Closing Costs

USDA home loans also allow borrowers to open a loan for the full amount of the appraised value, even if it’s more than the purchase price. Borrowers can use the excess funds for closing costs.

USDA Loan Length

The USDA loan has one mortgage choice: a 30 year fixed rate loan. It’s the safest and most proven home loan program.

Not So Perfect Credit

The USDA home loan is available to borrowers who meet income and credit standards. Qualification is easier than for many other loan types, since the loan doesn’t require a down payment or a high credit score.

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Many properties in suburban areas like OzarkNixaRogersvilleStraffordWillardRepublicFair GroveSpartaCleverBillingsHighlandvillemay be eligible for USDA financing....

About 97% of the United States land mass is USDA-eligible, representing 109 million people.